Why Tech Ideas on agile

Agile has been proposed as the solution to everything, in software development it (seem) could solve anything.

It seemed that the silver bullet has been found in the end.

With Agile you could do more with less and in, many, cases pay less to have more.

In the real world there are no free lunches, in fact moving to Agile is expensive because:

  1. You need to have motivated people; you cannot buy motivation.
  2. You need to have trained, almost over trained, people.
  3. You have to check the work of others daily and you have to understand of to no micromanage. The “guru level” programmers don’t like to be micromanaged.
  4. You cannot have detailed analysis in Agile but you need something to start the development.

So Why Agile?

  1. The Rational unified process is rather old; it could be useful if you want to build a bridge or a house not a software appliance.
  2. The non-trivial projects last at least six months; you cannot imagine everything as project manager or as Team leader.
  3. The customer will change his minds at least every week and at every demo, if you do only a single demo at the end of the development could be a problem.
  4. Coders get low motivation if they don’t have nothing to show every week.

So our journey will start…