I have gone through 20 years of experience after MSC in computer engineering in 2000, I started as Analyst programmer in C++ and moved up the corporation ladder: team leader, project manager, business analyst, direct support of the company CTO.
Main experience is in the software product market, since 2017 I’m the product owner of the company product an electronic payment gateway, 9 people team: 5 coders and 4 support and test.
Technology stack :
Java 9, Tomcat, Angular 2, Spring security, Postgres Sql, Axis webservices, restful api, Google cloud platform, Agile scrum sprints, Atlassian stack (Jira, confluence, bitbucket)
Achievements: when I joined, the team, the company was about to shut down the product; nowadays we sell so much in new activations -from 170k€ of 2017 to 500k€ of the 2019 – development cost was lowered from 300k€ of 2017 to 100K€ of the 2019, subscription value grown from 200K€ to 400K€.
Service manager for almost three years, talking with people and revising processes was my silver bullet to build from the ground up the area.
Environment: Remedy, Business object (sap) for extracting KPI data, Java and C#.Net, Postgres Sql, Oracle 9 and MS Sql server, Excel automation for reports.
Achievements: My team was handling 130 trouble tickets for month, in the last months we lowered the head count of 30%, the handled trouble tickets grown to 400 per month.
Experience in software migration, I worked as project manager and business analyst in a total rewriting and consolidation of an internal software for booking services meeting for different companies, we moved from 5 different products to only one.
Environment: Sharepoint 2013, Asp .Net MVC 4, MS Sql server on clustered database, Oracle 9, Microsoft C#.Net, web application on IIS.
Achievements: Lowered development cost up to 20%, win new projects for 140k€, improved documentation quality and software defects (30% less)
Hardware and software integration of the “Velostazioni”, as project manager and architect helped to create the system that permit to open the gates of “Bike stations” in the Ferrovienord (Milano) Rail stations.
Environment: Sharepoint 2013, Asp .Net MVC 4, MS Sql server on clustered database, Oracle 9, Microsoft C#.Net, web application on IIS.
If you need more info on the years 2012 and backward please refer to https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidecleopadre/

Living near Milano(Italy) since 2000.


Easy to deal with and like to do things and find solutions.
Continuous learner and more than happy to test new things and do explorative tasks.
Save the product behavior, finding what is not working is a part of the problem usually is a motivation issue.
CTO helper on technology choosing, migrating to the cloud, finding patterns to avoid reinventing the wheel every day.
Give orders and take orders, no question asked, smart proposal giver and taker.
Natural people manager both upward and downward.